Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Sustainable Approach to eLearning

While I have yet to become a BIG fan of ebooks, I'm learning that they can be valuable resources. As I was doing some research this week, I ran across an ebook entitled Reusing Online Resources: A Sustainable Approach to eLearning . Since I'm always looking to improve my efficiency and to not reinvent the wheel, I decided to take a closer look.

Turns out that this is a great compilation of chapters and ideas from eLearning scholars and practitioners. It is a long read, so I'm still working my way through it chapter by chapter. However, thus far, it's a resouce that I would recommend you check out.


Lynne said...

Wow, Betsy,
thanks for that massive book! I love big books - makes me think there is something really, really good in all those pages!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference. All I need is one more book to add my need to read pile, but I'll take a look.

ee said...

Thanks Betsy,

I have added the book to my del.icio.us account and hope to have time to read it at some point.

When coming up with the tags for del.icio.us I considered for a brief moment including a shout out to you, but thought that might be an improper use of tags (which we discussed last semester), so I'll just thank you here.

mortonk said...

Thanks, Betsy! Here's another eBook you might find worthwhile: Engaging Interactions for eLearning, written by B.J. Schone. Download it at http://www.engaginginteractions.com/. Enjoy!

Betsy said...

Kirsten: Thanks for the pointer. The Engaging Interactions for eLearning is a great find.